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Coffret 5 CD - The Jesus & Mary Chain


Disque : 11. Just like honey2. The living end3. Taste the floor4. The hardest ...

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Descriptif produit

Disque : 11. Just like honey2. The living end3. Taste the floor4. The hardest walk5. Cut dead6. In a hole7. Taste of cindy8. Some candy talking9. Never understand10. Inside me11. Sowing seeds12. My little underground13. You trip me up14. Something's wrong15. It's so hardDisque 2 : 1. Darklands2. Deep one perfect morning3. Happy when it rains4. Down on me5. Nine million rainy days6. April skies7. Fall8. Cherry came too9. On the wall10. About youDisque 3 : 1. Here comes alice2. Coast to coast3. Blues from a gun4. Between planets5. Uv ray6. Her way of praying7. Head on8. Take it9. Halfway to crazy10. Gimme hell11. Drop12. SunrayDisque 4 : 1. Reverence2. Teenage lust3. Far gone and out4. Almost gold5. Sugar ray6. Tumbledown7. Catchfire8. Good for my soul9. Rollercoaster10. I can't get enough11. Sundown12. FrequencyDisque 5 : 1. Dirty water2. Bullet lovers3. Sometimes always4. Come on5. Between us6. Hole7. Never saw it coming8. She9. Wish I could10. Save me11. Till it shines12. God help me13. Girlfriend14. Everybody I know15. You ve been a friend16. These days17. Feeling lucky

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