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Coffret 5CD - Dokken - Original album series


Disque 1 : 1. Breaking the chains2. In the middle3. Felony4. I can t see you5. ......

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Descriptif produit

Disque 1 : 1. Breaking the chains2. In the middle3. Felony4. I can t see you5. Live to rock rock to live6. Nightrider7. Seven thunders8. Young girls9. Stick to your guns10. Paris is burning live europeDisque 2 : 1. Without warning2. Tooth and nail3. Just got lucky4. Heartless heart5. Don't close your eyes6. When heaven comes down7. Into the fire8. Bullets to spare9. Alone again10. Turn on the actionDisque 3 : 1. Unchain the night2. The hunter3. In my dreams4. Slippin away5. Lightnin strike again6. It's not love7. It s not love8. Jaded heart9. Don't lie to me10. Will the sun rise11. Til the livin endDisque 4 : 1. Kiss of death2. Prisoner3. Night by night4. Standing in the shadows5. Heaven sent6. Mr scary7. So many tears8. Burning like a flame9. Lost behind the wall10. Stop fighting love11. Cry of the gypsy12. Sleepless nights13. Dream warriorsDisque 5 : 1. Unchain the night2. Tooth and nail3. Dream warriors4. Kiss of death5. When heaven comes down6. Into the fire7. Mr. scary8. Heaven sent9. It's not love10. Alone again11. Just got lucky12. Breaking the chains13. In my dreams14. Walk away

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