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Coffret 5CD - Orignal Album Classics - Electric Light Orchestra


Disque : 11. Océan breakup/king of the universe2. Bluebird is dead3. Oh no not ......

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Descriptif produit

Disque : 11. Océan breakup/king of the universe2. Bluebird is dead3. Oh no not susan4. New world rising/océan breakup reprise5. Showdown6. Daybreaker7. Ma-ma-ma belle8. Dreaming of 40009. In the hall of the mountain king10. Auntie (ma-ma-ma belle)11. Auntie (ma-ma-ma belle)12. Mambo (dreaming of 4000)13. Everyone's born to die14. Interludes15. Océan breakup / king of the universe16. New world rising / océan breakup repriseDisque 2 : 1. Fire on high2. Waterfall3. Evil woman4. Nightrider5. Poker6. Strange magic7. Down home town8. One summer dream9. Fire on high10. Evil woman11. Strange magic12. WaterfallDisque 3 : 1. Tightrope2. Téléphone line3. Rockaria!4. Mission (a world record)5. So fine6. Livin' thing7. Above the clouds8. Do ya9. Shangri-la10. Téléphone line11. Surrender12. Tightrope13. Above the clouds14. So fine15. Téléphone lineDisque 4 : 1. Shine a little love2. Confusion3. Need her love4. The diary of horace wimp5. Last train to london6. Midnight blue7. On the run8. Wishing9. Don't bring me down10. On the run11. Second time around12. Little town flirtDisque 5 : 1. Prologue2. Twilight3. Yours truly, 20954. Ticket to the moon5. The way life's meant to be6. Another heart breaks7. Rain is falling8. From the end of the world9. The lights go down10. Here is the news11. 21st century man12. Hold on tight13. Epilogue14. The bouncer15. When time stood still16. Julie don't live here

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