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Coffret 5CD - Punk usa - Original album series


Disque 1 : 1 Marquee Moon : See No Evil2 Marquee Moon : Venus3 Marquee Moon : ...

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Descriptif produit

Disque 1 : 1 Marquee Moon : See No Evil2 Marquee Moon : Venus3 Marquee Moon : Friction4 Marquee Moon : Marquee Moon5 Marquee Moon : Elevation6 Marquee Moon : Guiding Light7 Marquee Moon : Prove It8 Marquee Moon : Torn CurtainDisque 2 :1 Blank Generation : Love Comes In Spurts2 Blank Generation : Liars Beware3 Blank Generation : New Pleasure4 Blank Generation : Betrayal Takes Two5 Blank Generation : Down At The Rock And Roll Club6 Blank Generation : Who Says ?7 Blank Generation : Blank Generation8 Blank Generation : Walking On The Water9 Blank Generation : The Plan10 Blank Generation : Another WorldDisque 3 :1 Young, Loud & Snotty : Sonic Reducer2 Young, Loud & Snotty : All This And More3 Young, Loud & Snotty : What Love Is4 Young, Loud & Snotty : Not Anymore5 Young, Loud & Snotty : Ain't Nothin' To Do6 Young, Loud & Snotty : Caught With The Meat In Your Mouth7 Young, Loud & Snotty : Hey Little Girl8 Young, Loud & Snotty : I Need Lunch9 Young, Loud & Snotty : High Tension Wire10 Young, Loud & Snotty : Down In FlamesDisque 4 :1 Walk Among Us : 20 Eyes2 Walk Among Us : I Turned Into A Martian3 Walk Among Us : All Hell Breaks Loose4 Walk Among Us : Vampira5 Walk Among Us : Nike A Go Go6 Walk Among Us : Hate Breeders7 Walk Among Us : Mommy, Can I Go Out & Kill Tonight (live)8 Walk Among Us : Night Of The Living Dead9 Walk Among Us : Skulls10 Walk Among Us : Violent World11 Walk Among Us : Devil's Whorehouse12 Walk Among Us : Astro Zombies13 Walk Among Us : BraineatersDisque 5 :1 The Record : Let's Have A War2 The Record : Beef Boloney3 The Record : Camarillo4 The Record : I Don't Care About You5 The Record : New York's Alright If You Like Saxophones6 The Record : Gimme Some Action7 The Record : Foreign Policy8 The Record : We Destroy The Family9 The Record : I Love Livin' In The City10 The Record : Disconnected11 The Record : We Got To Get Out Of This Place12 The Record : Fresh Flesh13 The Record : Getting The Brush14 The Record : No More Nothing

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