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Coffret 5 CD - Alanis Morissette


Disque : 11. All I really want2. You oughta know3. Perfect4. Hand in my pocket5. ...

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Descriptif produit

Disque : 11. All I really want2. You oughta know3. Perfect4. Hand in my pocket5. Right through you6. Forgiven7. You learn8. Head over feet9. Mary jane10. Ironic11. Not the doctor12. Wake up13. You oughta knowDisque 2 : 1. Front row2. Baba3. Thank u4. Are you still mad5. Sympathetic character6. That I would be good7. The couch8. Can t not9. Ur10. I was hoping11. One12. Would not come13. Unsent14. So pure15. Joining you16. Heart of the house17. Your congratulationsDisque 3 : 1. 21 things I want in a lover2. Narcissus3. Hands clean4. Flinch5. So unsexy6. Precious illusions7. That particular time8. A man9. You owe me nothing in return10. Surrendering11. UtopiaDisque 4 : 1. Eight easy steps2. Out is through3. Excuses4. Doth I protest too much5. Knees of my bees6. So called chaos7. Not all me8. This grudge9. Spineless10. EverythingDisque 5 : 1. Citizen of the planet2. Underneath3. Straitjacket4. Versions of violence5. Not as we6. In praise of the vulnerable man7. Moratorium8. Torch9. Giggling again for no reason10. Tapes11. Incomplete13. Stockton gala days MTV unplugged version14. Noah's dove MTV unplugged version

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