Pop et rock - Coffret 5 CD - The Doobie Brothers par CULTURA
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Coffret 5 CD - The Doobie Brothers


Disque : 11. Listen to the music2. Rockin down the highway single version3. ...

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Descriptif produit

Disque : 11. Listen to the music2. Rockin down the highway single version3. Mamaloi4. Toulouse street5. Cotton mouth6. Don't start me to talkin'7. Jesus is just alright8. White sun9. Disciple10. Snake manDisque 2 : 1. Natural thing2. Long train runnin3. China grove4. Dark eyed cajun woman5. Clear as the driven snow6. Without you7. South city midnight lady8. Evil woman9. Busted down around o'connelly corners10. Ukiah11. The captain and meDisque 3 : 1. Song to see you through2. Spirit3. Pursuit on 53rd st4. Black water5. Eyes of silver6. Road angel7. You just can t stop it8. Tell me what you want (and I'll give you9. Down in the track10. Another park another sunday11. Daughters of the sea12. Flying cloudDisque 4 : 1. Sweet maxine album version2. Neal s fandango3. Texas lullaby4. Music man5. Slat key soquel rag6. Take me in your arms7. I cheat the hangman8. Precis9. Rainy day crossroad blues10. I been workin' on you11. Double dealin' four flusherDisque 5 : 1. Wheels of fortune2. Takin it to the streets3. 8th avenue shuffle4. Losin end5. Rio6. For someone special7. It keeps you runnin8. It keeps you runnin9. Turn it loose10. Carry me away12. Silver strandDisque 5 : 1. My lagan love2. Spancill hill3. Peggy gordon4. Black is the colour5. Heart like a wheel6. Buachaill on eirne7. Old hag8. Moorlough shore9. Old town10. Dimming of the day11. Brid og ni mhaille12. Haste to the wedding

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