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Coffret 5CD - Carly Simon - Original album series


Disque 1 : 1. That's the way I've always heard it should be2. Alone3. One more ......

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Descriptif produit

Disque 1 : 1. That's the way I've always heard it should be2. Alone3. One more time4. The best thing5. Just a sinner6. Dan my fling7. Another door8. Reunions9. Rolling down the hills10. The love s still growingDisque 2 : 1. Anticipation2. Legend in your own time3. Our first day together4. The girl you think you see5. Summer s coming around again6. Share the end7. The garden8. Three days9. Julie through the glass10. I've got to have youDisque 3 : 1. The right thing to do2. The carter family3. You're so vain4. His friends are more than fond of robin5. We have no secrets6. Embrace me you child7. Waited so long8. It was so easy9. Night owl10. When you close your eyesDisque 4 : 1. Safe and sound2. Mind on my man3. Think I m gonna have a baby4. Older sister5. Just not true6. Hotcakes7. Misfit8. Forever my love9. Mockingbird10. Grownup11. Haven t got time for the painDisque 5 : 1. After the storm2. Love out in the streets3. Look me in the eyes4. More and more5. Slave6. Attitude dancing7. Sons of summer8. Waterfall9. Are you ticklish10. Playing possum

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