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Coffret 5CD - Orignal Album Classics - Carole King


Disque : 11. Spaceship races2. No easy way down3. Child of mine4. Goin' back5. ......

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Disque : 11. Spaceship races2. No easy way down3. Child of mine4. Goin' back5. To love6. What have you got to lose7. Eventually8. Raspberry jam9. Can't you be real10. I can't hear you no more11. Sweet sweetheart12. Up on the roofDisque 2 : 1. Brother, brother2. It's going to take some time3. Sweet seasons4. Some kind of wonderful5. Surely6. Carry your load7. Music8. Song of long ago9. Brighter10. Growing away from me11. Too much rain12. Back to californiaDisque 3 : 1. Come down easy2. My my she cries3. Peace in the valley4. Feeling sad tonight5. The first day in august6. Bitter with the sweet7. Goodbye don't mean I'm gone8. Stand behind me9. Gotta get through another day10. I think I can hear you11. Ferguson road12. Been to canaanDisque 4 : 1. Fantasy beginning2. You've been around too long3. Being at war with each other4. Directions5. That's how things go down6. Weekdays7. Haywood8. A quiet place to live9. Welfare symphony10. You light up my life11. Corazon12. Believe in humanity13. Fantasy endDisque 5 : 1. Nightingale2. Change in mind, change of heart3. Jazzman4. You go your way, I'll go mine5. You're something new6. We are all in this together7. Wrap around joy8. You gentle me9. My lovin' eyes10. Sweet adonis11. A night this side of dying12. The best is yet to come

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