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Coffret 5CD - Orignal Album Classics - Elvis  Presley


Disque : 11. Blue hawaii2. Almost always true3. Aloha oe4. No more5. Can't help ......

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Descriptif produit

Disque : 11. Blue hawaii2. Almost always true3. Aloha oe4. No more5. Can't help falling in love6. Rock-a-hula baby7. Moonlight swim8. Ku-u-I-po9. Ito eats10. Slicin' sand11. Hawaiian sunset12. Beach boy blues13. Island of love14. Hawaiian wedding song15. Steppin' out of line16. Can't help falling in love17. Slicin' sand18. No more19. Rock-a-hula baby20. Beach boy blues21. Steppin' out of line22. Blue hawaiiDisque 2 : 1. Kiss me quick2. Just for old time sake3. Gonna get back home somehow4. I met her today5. (such an) easy question6. She's not you7. I'm yours8. You'll be gone9. Something blue10. Suspicion11. I feel that I've known you forever12. Night rider13. For the millionth and the last time14. Just tell her jim said hello15. Fountain of love16. That's someone you never forget17. Steppin' out of lineDisque 3 : 1. Girls! girls! girls!2. I don't wanna be tied3. Where do you come from4. I don't want to5. We'll be together6. A boy like me, a girl like you7. Earth boy8. Return to sender9. Because of love10. Thanks to the rolling sea11. Song of the shrimp12. The walls have ears13. We're coming in loadedDisque 4 : 1. Fun in acapulco2. Vino, dinero y amor3. Mexico4. El toro5. Marguerita6. The bullfighter was a lady7. (there's) no room to rhumba in a sports car8. I think I'm gonna like it here9. Bossa nova baby10. You can't say no in acapulco11. Guadalajara12. Love me tonight13. Slowly but surelyDisque 5 : 1. Viva las vegas2. What'd I say3. If you think I don't need you4. I need somebody to lean on5. C'mon everybody6. Today, tomorrow and forever7. Night life8. Santa lucia (from viva las vegas)9. Do the vega10. You're the boss11. The yellow rose of texas / the eyes of texas12. The lady loves me

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