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The Real Billie Holiday


The Real Billie HolidayNombre de disques : 3Disque 1 :- 1. easy living- 2. all ......

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The Real Billie HolidayNombre de disques : 3Disque 1 :- 1. easy living- 2. all of me- 3. God bless the child- 4. the very thought of you- 5. pennies from heaven- 6. the way you look tonight- 7. when you're smiling (the whole world smiles with you)- 8. until the real thing comes along- 9. they can't take that away from me- 10. Georgia on my mind- 11. summertime- 12. I wished on the moon- 13. what a night, what moon, what a girl- 14. Billie's blues- 15. my first impression of you- 16. everything happens for the best- 17. love me or leave me- 18. I can't believe that you're in love with me- 19. let's dream in the moonlight- 20. that's life I guess- 21. the same old story- 22. gloomy sunday- 23. wherever you are- 24. Mandy is two- 25. c'est un pêché de dire un mentireDisque 2 :- 1. on the sentimental side- 2. jeepers creepers- 3. mean to me- 4. me, myself and I- 5. without your love- 6. if dreams come true- 7. now they call it swing- 8. back in your own backyard- 9. you go to my head- 10. the moon looks down and laughs- 11. if I were you- 12. forget if you can- 13. having myself a time- 14. says my heart- 15. I wish I had you- 16. I'm gonna lock my heart- 17. I can't get started- 18. I've got a date with a dream- 19. april in my heart- 20. they say- 21. you're so desirable- 22. you're gonna see a lot of me- 23. hello, my darling- 24. unde a blue jungle moon- 25. night and day- 26. falling in love againDisque 3 :- 1. let's call the whole thing off- 2. born to love- 3. don't know if I'm comin' or goin'- 4. sun showers- 5. you showed me the way- 6. sentimental and melancholy- 7. my last affair- 8. carelessly- 9. how could you ?- 10. moanin' low- 11. where is the sun ?- 12. you let me down- 13. spreadin' rhythm around- 14. life begins when you're in love- 15. it's like reaching for the moon- 16. these foolish things (remind me of you)- 17. I cried for you- 18. I'm painting the town red- 19. it's too hot for words- 20. twenty-four hours a day- 21. yankee doodle never went to town- 22. eeny meeny meiny mo- 23. if you were mine- 24. these 'n' that 'n' those- 25. your mother's son-in-law- 26. riffin' the scotch

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