Pop et rock - Coffret 5CD - Orignal Album Classics - The  Lovin' Spoonful par CULTURA
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Coffret 5CD - Orignal Album Classics - The  Lovin' Spoonful


Disque 1 : 1.Do You Believe In Magic 2.Blues In The Bottle 3.Sportin' Life 4.My ......

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Disque 1 : 1.Do You Believe In Magic 2.Blues In The Bottle 3.Sportin' Life 4.My Gal 5.You Baby 6.Fishin' Blues 7.Did You Ever Have To Make Up Your Mind? 8.Wild About My Lovin' 9.The Other Side Of This Life10.Younger Girl11.On The Road Again12.Night Owl Blues13.Alley Oop (Previously Unreleased - Mono Version)14.Younger Girl (Alternate Take/Previously Unreleased Demo Version)15.Blues In The Bottle (Alternate Take/Previously Unreleased)16.Wild About My Lovin' (Alternate Take/Previously Unreleased)17.The Other Side Of This Life (Alternate Take/Previously Unreleased Instrumental Version)Disque 2 : 1.Daydream 2.There She Is 3.It's Not Time Now 4.Warm Baby 5.Day Blues 6.Let The Boy Rock 'N' Roll 7.Jug Band Music 8.Didn't Want To Have To Do It 9.You Didn't Have To Be So Nice10.Bald Headed Lena11.Butchie's Tune12.Big Noise From Speonk13.Fishin' Blues (Alternate Take/Previously Unreleased)14.Didn't Want To Have To Do It (Demo Version/Previously Unreleased)15.Jug Band Music (Alternate Instrumental Version/Previously Unreleased)16.Daydream (Demo Version/Previously Unreleased)17.Night Owl Blues (Alternate Take/Previously Unreleased)Disque 3 : 1.Lovin' You (2003 Remaster) 2.Bes' Friends (2003 Remaster) 3.Voodoo In My Basement (2003 Remaster) 4.Darlin' Companion (2003 Remaster) 5.Henry Thomas (2003 Remaster) 6.Full Measure (2003 Remaster) 7.Rain On The Roof (2003 Remaster) 8.Coconut Grove (2003 Remaster) 9.Nashville Cats (2003 Remaster)10.4 Eyes (2003 Remaster)11.Summer in the City (2003 Remaster)12.Darlin' Companion (Previously Unreleased Solo Demo)13.Rain On The Roof (Previously Unreleased Instrumental)14.4 Eyes (Previously Unreleased Alternate Vocal/Extended Version)15.Full Measure (Previously Unreleased Instrumental)16.Voodoo In My Basement (Previously Unreleased Instrumental)17.Darlin' Companion (Previously Unreleased Alternate Vocal/Alternate Mix)Disque 4 : 1.She Is Still A Mystery (2003 Remaster) 2.Priscilla Millionaira (2003 Remaster) 3.Boredom (2003 Remaster) 4.Six O'Clock (2003 Remaster) 5.Forever (2003 Remaster) 6.Younger Generation (2003 Remaster) 7.Money (2003 Remaster) 8.Old Folks (2003 Remaster) 9.Only Pretty, What A Pity (2003 Remaster)10.Try A Little Bit (2003 Remaster)11.Close Your Eyes (2003 Remaster)12.She Is Still A Mystery (Alternate Version)13.Only Pretty, What A Pity (Alternate Version)14.Try A Little Bit (Alternate Version)Disque 5 : 1.Amazing Air 2.Never Going Back 3.The Prophet 4.Only Yesterday 5.War Games 6.(Till I) Run With You 7.Jug Of Wine 8.Revelation: Revolution '69 9.Me About You10.Words11.Revelation: Revolution '69 (Single Version (Alternate Mix))12.Revelation: Revolution '69 (Single Version (Alternate Vocal))13.Me About You (Single Version)

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