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Coffret 5CD - The J Geils Band - Original album series


Disque 1 : 1. Wait2. Ice breaker for the big m3. Cruisin for a love4. Hard ...

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Descriptif produit

Disque 1 : 1. Wait2. Ice breaker for the big m3. Cruisin for a love4. Hard drivin man5. Serves you right to suffer6. Homework7. First I look at the purse8. What s your hurry9. On borrowed time10. Pack fair and square11. Sno coneDisque 2 : 1. I don t need you no more2. Whammer jammer3. So sharp4. The usual place5. Gotta have your love6. Looking for a love7. Gonna find me a new love8. Cry one more time9. Floyd s hôtel10. It ain t what you do it s how you do itDisque 3 : 1. First I look at the purse2. Homework3. Pack fair and square4. Whammer jammer5. Hard drivin' man6. Serves you right to suffer7. Cruisin' for a love8. Looking for a loveDisque 4 : 1. Ain t nothin but a house party2. Make up your mind3. Back to get ya4. Struttin' with my baby5. Don't try to hide it6. Southside shuffle7. Hold your loving8. Start all over again9. Give it to meDisque 5 : 1. Did you no wrong2. I can t go on3. Lay your good thing down4. Tha ts why I m thinking of you5. No doubt about it6. The lady makes demands7. My baby don t love me8. Diddyboppin9. Take a chance on romance10. Chimes

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